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Albato Embedded - iPaaS for SaaS businesses to integrate apps seamlessly and drive growth

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Albato is a global tech company founded in 2018 and headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal.

We understand that integrations are the lifeblood of modern software applications. As a SaaS provider, you need to integrate many other apps and services with your platform to improve productivity, unlock innovation, and boost revenue for both you and your customers. 

Yet undertaking the development and maintenance of API integrations in-house is often slow, costly, and diverts valuable resources from your core application and strategic objectives. Albato has a turnkey solution to meet all your integration needs so that you can focus your talent and dollars where they matter most.

The SaaS app integration problem

The integration landscape is complex. Striking strategic partnerships, designing connectivity, scaling infrastructure, ensuring app compatibility, coding lengthy workflows, and managing tedious authentication protocols like OAuth - integrations can quickly become a thorn in your side.

And that’s not even considering the long maintenance tail once they’re implemented and customer expectations of around-the-clock availability and continuous improvements. Don’t let integrations weigh down your roadmap and distract from your real competitive advantages.

The Albato Embedded solution  

Albato’s embedded integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) eliminates the heavy lifting required to incorporate third-party applications seamlessly and natively within your SaaS interface. 

We provide a turnkey integration offering purpose-built for SaaS platforms like yours. With Albato’s embedded iPaaS, you can expand your native integration offerings rapidly without exhaustive in-house development.

Key Features:

App Integrator:
The no-code App Integrator allows you to add almost any cloud app to the Albato ecosystem. This dramatically simplifies connecting your applications to Albato’s platform, though some knowledge of APIs is required.

Automation Builder:
Once you’ve connected your apps, you can use the automation builder to create workflows that move data between them, running via API or webhooks. This enables you to automate repetitive tasks and streamline your business processes. There are dozens of tools for creating complex automation scenarios.

Albato offers customer-facing, plug-and-play integration templates called Solutions, which allow you to build integrations based on your customer’s most frequent use case. These pre-built integrations can be easily deployed to your SaaS customers, saving them time and effort.

White-label iFrame:
Albato provides a white-label iFrame that allows you to embed your integrations seamlessly into your SaaS platform. This ensures your customers have a consistent and intuitive experience when using your embedded integrations.

Admin Panel:
The admin panel provides SaaS companies with a centralised location to manage all their integrations, track customer engagement, and gain valuable insights into usage patterns.

Data Security:
Albato prioritises data security and provides granular controls over data storage. You can disable data storage at any time to ensure greater compliance with privacy regulations.

Key benefits:

Accelerate time to market - New app integrations can be activated for your customers in days or weeks rather than weeks or months. 

Reduce engineering and development costs - There is no need to hire dedicated integration specialists or pay for added infrastructure.

Minimise churn - Integrations “glue” customers to your platform, decreasing churn. 

Increase revenue - Strategic integrations can unlock entire product ecosystems that grow consumption.

Enhance brand equity – Become well-known for your connectivity with an ever-expanding library of joint offerings.

We handle everything from ideation to execution for each integration:

- Designing use case templates around customer needs 

- Coding customised workflows 

- Configuring triggers and actions

- Embedding authentication support

- Constructing and styling UI components

- Monitoring integration health 

- Providing technical support

albato company results using ipaas platform

Two deployment options:

Headless API - For tighter UI control on your end, Albato builds everything but the UI of the integrations. Your platform will need to connect Albato’s API methods to your interface. It allows a more ‘native’ experience to the end user whilst requiring greater design and development effort by you.

iFrame – This is the most popular model where all Albato’s integrations are offered to SaaS end users via a white-label iFrame. 

Here’s how it works:

Albato’s front-end team customises the iFrame’s user interface (UI) to match your brand and design standards, ensuring a consistent look and feel for your users.

The iFrame acts as a window into Albato’s integrations, allowing your users to interact with the connected apps without leaving your platform.

Albato manages the underlying infrastructure and data exchange, ensuring seamless integration and data flow between your platform and the connected apps.

Both models offer white-label integrations, templated workflows, and fully managed authentication.

Albato Use Cases

For Development/Engineering teams:

Pain Points: Integrations are costly, comprising up to 40% of development costs. They distract the developers from the core product and consume resources through bug fixing and API maintenance.

Metrics at Risk: Developer costs, the delivery time of core features, and the team’s motivation.

Solutions: Offloading integration work to Albato can save up to 90% of engineering costs and make integrations more reliable. It also improves developer costs, integration success rates, and product delivery time.

For Product teams:

Pain Points: The product backlog is full of integrations, which leads to a poor user experience and high churn. There’s also a lack of visibility on integration usage/errors that hinders improvements.

Metrics at Risk: Customer retention, Lifetime Value (LTV), product usage/adoption, and time-to-market.

Solutions: Churn can be minimised by focusing on shipping profitable features rather than handling integrations and improving customer experience with integrations, and LTV can be increased. This also enhances product usage and market adaptability.

For Sales/Business Development teams:

Pain Points: The absence of integration XYZ is a deal-breaker for new customers. Competitors with better integrations capture a larger market share, and integration issues block the upselling of high-value clients.

Metrics at Risk: Win rates, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), average deal size, market share, and revenue growth.

Solutions: Sales reps can close more deals and improve win rates by affirming integration requests and unlocking new revenue streams. This strategy can also draw customers from competitors by offering better integration options, thus improving win rates and overall growth metrics.

Albato’s embedded iPaaS solution eliminates the complexities of integration development, enabling you to seamlessly connect your SaaS platform to a vast ecosystem of apps without coding. Our team of experts handles the entire development process, from integration creation to maintenance, ensuring efficient integration deployment within a month.

We provide a wide range of ready-to-use integration templates, catering to even the most intricate business requirements. These pre-built templates can be deployed with just a single click, enabling your SaaS customers to instantly benefit from enhanced functionality and streamlined processes.

Albato’s comprehensive solution also includes API monitoring, bug fixing, and integration hosting on our secure AWS servers. We prioritise affordability, making our pricing suitable for businesses of all sizes, including startups and enterprises.

With Albato, you can focus on your core business operations while we handle the complexities of integration management, empowering you to deliver a seamless user experience and drive business growth.

Next steps:

Why not schedule a demo? That way, Albato can understand your requirements and show how simply and effectively we can add value to your app integration requirements. With pricing starting at $900/month for a Starter plan, and with Standard, Business, and Enterprise plans available, Albato is very competitively priced.

Why not visit our site, where there is a comprehensive overview of the platform and how it can help your business grow and scale?


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