Streamline HR Processes and Payroll

Digital HR & Payroll Management Tools

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Revolutionise Your Scheduling with Soon
Streamline Your Hiring with AI-Powered Applicant Tracking
Transforming Recruitment with Efficient, Collaborative Video Interviews
Your all-in-one ATS for seamless recruitment and efficient hiring.
Manage your global workforce seamlessly and efficiently
Streamline Time, Boost Productivity, Drive Success
Hire the Best Talent, Faster, and Experience Seamless Recruitment
Unlock Your Team's Hidden Talents with Pluckd's Skills Management Tool
Empowering Your Staffing Journey, From Recruitment to Payroll
Transform Data into Wellbeing: Proactively Reduce Workplace…

Streamline HR & payroll with efficient apps

Automate and simplify employee management and payroll for improved efficiency.

Manage HR tasks

HR software centralises employee data, automates onboarding and offboarding, tracks performance, and streamlines workflows.

Automate payroll

Payroll software calculates paychecks, taxes, and deductions automatically. It generates payslips and ensures compliance.

Gain insights

HR and payroll data provides visibility into workforce performance and trends. Make informed decisions.