Transform Data into Wellbeing: Proactively Reduce Workplace Burnout and Stress.


Turn Workplace Data Into Actionable Insights With Ambr

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Ambr is a robust tool designed to turn existing workplace data into actionable insights, allowing businesses to manage stress proactively and prevent burnout.

By aggregating and anonymising data from your workplace tools with research-backed questions delivered via MS Teams and Slack, it delivers a clear picture of organisational and team health, aiming to improve productivity and retention while reducing the risks associated with burnout.

The platform is designed to empower every manager, regardless of their data expertise, providing an easy-to-navigate dashboard that reveals potential problem areas before they escalate. Ambr also provides actionable recommendations for how to reduce stress and improve team well-being.


For a comprehensive understanding of their services, book a demo that is also available and then discuss the pricing, which can be tailored to your company’s needs and the scale at which you intend to use the service.

Use Cases

Proactive Management: Utilise Ambr to identify the five main risks contributing to a poor workplace culture, namely Unmanageable Workload, Poor Time Boundaries, Poor Relationships, Lack of Autonomy, and Lack of Recognition.

Reducing Employee Survey Fatigue: Ambr’s integration with existing workplace tools, along with research-backed questions delivered via platforms like MS Teams and Slack, provides richer insights without overwhelming your team with surveys.

Enhancing Relationship Quality: By measuring relationship quality, Ambr helps in fostering positive interactions and addressing conflicts for a healthier working environment.

Promoting Work-Life Balance: Ambr's alerts on teams working outside agreed hours or not taking breaks assist in fostering a culture respecting work-life balance.


Ambr isn’t just a tool; it’s your partner in nurturing a conducive, supportive, and effective working environment. With its proactive approach in identifying and addressing workplace issues in real-time, it’s an indispensable asset for any forward-thinking manager.

The ease of integration, user-friendly interface, and the wealth of insights it provides, make it a compelling choice for businesses aiming to foster a culture of well-being and productivity. Step into a new era of managing workplace stress and enhancing team health with Ambr.

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