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Comprehensive Recruitment and Staffing Software

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Zeel Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of recruitment and staffing software designed to automate and simplify your day-to-day operations.

With core business solutions like cloud-based recruitment agency software, timesheets & attendance management, Vendor Management Software (VMS), and payroll & HR software, Zeel encapsulates all you need to manage your staffing requirements efficiently.


Zeel Solutions offers scalable pricing plans to cater to various business sizes and needs. While the exact pricing may require a direct inquiry, the flexibility ensures that whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, there's a plan that fits your budget and operational needs.

Use Cases

Small to medium-sized recruitment agencies leverage Zeel's software to automate the recruitment process, thus freeing up time for more strategic tasks.

Large enterprises manage complex payroll and HR tasks seamlessly, ensuring compliance and accurate financial processing.

Healthcare staffing managing shifts, staff bank, and costs effectively using the Zeel VMS Healthcare solution.


Step into a world where recruitment and staffing management is a breeze. Zeel Solutions offers a holistic approach to managing your recruitment agency's operational challenges.

With its intuitive and robust software suite, transform your staffing processes, save time, and drive your business growth. Your streamlined staffing journey begins with Zeel.

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