Empowering Your Website's Growth with Privacy-Centric, Insightful Analytics.


Use Analytics to Track Website Visitors and Understand Their Behaviour

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AppMetrix is a comprehensive web analytics platform that helps businesses track and understand their website visitor behaviour while ensuring utmost privacy. 

This platform is built with a strong emphasis on respecting user privacy alongside providing actionable insights that are vital for website optimisation and growth.

Key features include:

Simple, User-friendly Analytics: Provides a straightforward view of website statistics, making it less daunting even for individuals with minimal technical expertise. The tracking code is less than 1kb in size.

Behaviour Analysis: Delivers a clear picture of how visitors interact with critical pages like the homepage, product pages, and landing pages.

Real-time Visitor Analytics: Offers real-time insights on popular devices, most viewed pages, and online user activity.

Privacy-Friendly: Designed to comply with privacy regulations including GDPR, PECR, and CCPA, ensuring no intrusion into visitor's personal information.

Session Recording and Replay: Allows for tracking the visitor’s journey throughout the website to understand their interactions and preferences.

Heatmaps Analytics: Visual representation of user clicks and scrolling behaviour to better understand user needs and interactions.


AppMetrix offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs:

There are Basic (Free), Starter, and Growth Packages - monthly or annual, and an Earlybird Deal for Lifetime Access. The Basic option starts with:
2 Websites
6,000 Pageviews per month per website
6,000 Visitors Events Tracking per month, per website
and increase with more features. There are Custom options as well.
Visit the site for the latest pricing.

Use Cases

For Website owners: Look to improve user experience and engagement by analysing visitor behaviour, popular devices, and most viewed pages in real-time.

Content creators and bloggers: Helping them to refine their content strategy based on in-depth analysis and reporting of user behaviour.

For Marketing Professionals: Understand the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by analysing user interactions and behaviours.

For Product Managers: Gain insights into how visitors interact with product pages to make informed decisions for product improvements.

For Content Creators: Track the performance of different content pieces to understand what engages the audience more.

For UX/UI Designers: Utilise heatmaps and session replays to identify areas of the website that require design improvements.


AppMetrix is not just another analytics tool; it's a robust platform that aligns with modern privacy standards while not compromising on delivering valuable insights.

Whether you are a small business owner, a marketing professional, or a large enterprise, AppMetrix's array of features and pricing options make it a compelling choice for anyone looking to derive more value from their website's data in a privacy-compliant manner.

Discover how AppMetrix can be the catalyst in optimising your website's performance and user engagement.

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