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Simplify Customer Relationships and Boost Sales

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Capsule CRM is a sophisticated yet user-friendly customer relationship management tool that aids businesses in organising their contacts, fostering relationships, and tracking sales pipelines efficiently. Its design focuses on simplicity and effectiveness, enabling companies of all sizes to cultivate more robust, more productive customer interactions without creating cumbersome or overly complex software solutions.

Some of the Key Features

Contact Management: Capsule allows for easy storage and management of contact details, providing a comprehensive view of your customers, suppliers, and leads. This centralisation of information ensures that your team can access and update customer details, history, and communication logs from anywhere, fostering collaboration and enhancing service delivery.

Sales Pipeline: The platform offers a visual sales dashboard that makes tracking opportunities from initial contact to closed deals easy. This feature helps businesses forecast sales, identify bottlenecks in their sales processes, and focus on the most promising leads.

Task Management: With its integrated task management system, Capsule ensures you never miss a follow-up or meeting. Customisable tasks and alerts keep your team on track, prioritising activities that move the needle.

Email Marketing: Capsule CRM integrates with several email marketing tools, such as Mailchimp and Gmail. This lets you send marketing emails to your contacts directly from Capsule CRM. You can also create email templates and track the results of your email marketing campaigns. The AI Content Assistant will also ensure that you're never left stuck for words, allowing you to write email copy quickly and efficiently, freeing up your time for something else.

Customisation: Understanding that each business has unique needs, Capsule provides extensive customisation options. You can mould the software to your operational requirements, from custom fields to tailored sales processes.

Integrations: Capsule seamlessly integrates with a wide array of tools and platforms, including email marketing software, accounting packages, and social media platforms. This connectivity streamlines workflows and ensures a unified approach to your customer management.


Capsule CRM offers a flexible pricing model to accommodate businesses of various sizes and needs. With a free tier for small teams or individuals just starting to more advanced plans that cater to larger organisations requiring additional features and capabilities,
Capsule ensures businesses can scale their CRM solution with their growth. Each plan is designed with a clear understanding of the need for cost-effectiveness, making it a viable option for SMEs looking to maximise their CRM investment.

Use Cases

  • SMEs seeking to improve customer engagement: By centralising customer information, SMEs can personalise their interactions and build stronger relationships.
  • Sales teams aiming to enhance pipeline visibility: The visual sales pipeline feature allows sales professionals to monitor their deals' progress effectively, leading to improved conversion rates.
  • Businesses looking to streamline operations: Capsule's task management and integration capabilities enable companies to optimise their workflows, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.

In short...

Capsule CRM presents a compelling choice for businesses striving to refine their customer relationship management practices. Combining ease of use with powerful features helps companies of all sizes streamline their CRM activities, enhance customer engagement, and drive sales growth. Its adaptability and commitment to simplicity and efficiency make Capsule an essential tool in the modern business toolkit.

Ready to transform your customer relationship management? Try Capsule CRM today and start building stronger, more productive customer connections.


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