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Dealfront: Streamline Your Deal Management Process

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Dealfront is a go-to-market platform designed for European markets, providing sales and marketing teams with data, applications, and insights to find leads and close deals effectively. Merging the capabilities of Germany's Echobot and Finland's Leadfeeder, Dealfront offers a suite of SaaS products for every step of the sales and marketing value chain. These products include Target for revenue team empowerment, Leadfeeder for lead generation, Connect for detailed prospect information, Promote for B2B advertising, and Datacare for data maintenance.


Dealfront offers separate sales intelligence and web visitors identification packages. Sales intelligence has customised pricing to ensure that your business needs are best met, while web visitor identification is offered through a free and paid package to satisfy your specific requirements. With scalable options, Dealfront is a cost-effective choice for businesses seeking to optimise their deal management processes.

Use Cases

  • Sales Deal Management: Dealfront's platform is ideal for managing sales deals, enabling businesses to track their sales pipelines and manage their deals efficiently.
  • Investment Deal Management: Businesses can use Dealfront to manage their investment deals, ensuring that their investment processes are streamlined and well-organised.
  • Partnership Deal Management: Dealfront's platform can also be used for managing partnership deals, enabling businesses to collaborate and communicate effectively throughout the deal process.


In summary, Dealfront is a comprehensive deal management platform that empowers businesses to streamline their deal processes and make informed decisions. By providing the tools and insights needed to manage deals efficiently, Dealfront is the ideal solution for businesses looking to optimise their deal management processes and achieve meaningful results.


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