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Deskpro: The All-in-One Helpdesk Solution for Efficient Operations

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DeskPro is a robust helpdesk software solution that helps your company to offer stellar customer service efficiently. With flexible deployment options, either on cloud or on-premise, DeskPro's versatility makes it a commendable choice for various business setups.

Its intuitive platform combines multiple communication channels including Email, Live Chat, Voice, SMS, and social media integrations, ensuring a seamless interaction experience for both your support teams and customers.


DeskPro offers a tiered pricing model to cater to different operational scales and requirements:

Team Plan at $29 per agent/month is a well-rounded package offering a plethora of features such as email ticketing, voice & SMS, live chat, automations, CRM, customisation, reporting, and more. Ideal for small to medium-sized setups, with a minimum of 3 agents for cloud deployment or 10 agents for on-premise.

Professional Plan at $59 per agent/month extends further with premium support, larger attachment allowances, unbranding/white labelling, and custom reports consultancy, suited for larger teams with a minimum of 10 agents.

Enterprise Plan at $99 per agent/month is tailored for large scale operations, offering a robust infrastructure to accommodate a minimum of 25 agents with features focused on scaling and control.

An agent is a person in your organisation who is responsible for running the helpdesk and providing support to your users.

Use Cases

DeskPro's multifaceted platform finds its utility across various scenarios:

Multi-Channel Support: Centralise support requests from various channels into a singular platform, ensuring no customer query goes unanswered.

Automation & Efficiency: Utilise intelligent helpdesk automation tools to streamline support processes, enhancing efficiency and response times.

Knowledge Management: Create a 24/7 self-service content hub to help customers find answers to common queries, reducing the support load.

Customised Support Experience: Tailor the platform to mirror your brand's ethos and operational nuances, offering a personalised support experience to your customers.


DeskPro is a great choice for companies aiming to improve and simplify their customer support experience. Its comprehensive feature set coupled with flexible deployment and pricing options make it a viable solution for a wide range of business sizes and types.

By centralising support requests, automating routine tasks, and offering tools for customisation and knowledge management, DeskPro significantly contributes to enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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