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EasyDMARC: The Email Security Tool That Can Help Protect Your Business

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EasyDMARC is dedicated to simplifying DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) deployment, requiring no expert knowledge from its customers. 

The company is on a mission to build the world's largest DMARC ecosystem to ensure businesses' security in cyberspace. Their solutions are aimed at preventing data leakage, financial loss, email phishing attacks, and unauthorized domain use, thereby allowing companies to focus on achieving their business objectives without security-related worries.


EasyDMARC offers a tiered pricing model to cater to different needs:

Free Plan: Geared towards personal use, this plan covers 10,000 emails, 1 domain, and offers 14 days of data history.

Plus Plan: (£39.99/month or £35.99/month billed annually): Ideal for startups, covering 100,000 emails, 2 domains, and provides a 3-month data history.

Premium Plan: (£79.99/month or £71.99/month billed annually): Designed for small and medium businesses, this plan covers 100,000 emails, 4 domains, and offers 1-year data history along with additional features like Easy SPF and Email Support.

Enterprise Plan: (Custom pricing) For Enterprise organisations with up to unlimited emails, a custom number of domains, Single Sign-On and other features.

Use Cases

EasyDMARC is versatile, catering to companies of various sizes and sectors. It provides the necessary features to adopt, monitor, and manage email authentication standards.

Here are some scenarios where EasyDMARC can be particularly useful:

For Startups: EasyDMARC's advanced tools help secure hybrid-remote workspaces and improve domain reputation for better email deliverability.

For SMEs: (Small to Midsize Businesses): The service translates DMARC data into a human-readable format, allowing for easy email authentication and domain protection without requiring expert knowledge.

For Enterprises: It aids in the ongoing management and monitoring of DMARC implementation to prevent potential issues, easing the email security management process.

Partnerships: Through customised training and support, partners can integrate EasyDMARC into their services portfolio to build new revenue streams and manage all their customers from a single platform, helping them fight against phishing attacks.


EasyDMARC emerges as a pivotal player in the realm of email security, offering user-friendly solutions to protect businesses from phishing attacks and other email-related threats. Its tiered pricing model accommodates the budgetary constraints of different business sizes, ensuring that email security is accessible to all.

By leveraging EasyDMARC's solutions, companies can significantly enhance their email deliverability and domain reputation, which are crucial for maintaining customer trust and achieving long-term business success.

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