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Revolutionise Your Cybersecurity by Engaging Your Employees

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Guardey revolutionises cybersecurity awareness through an engaging gaming platform. By targeting the human factor—responsible for 95% of data breaches—it transforms your employees into a robust line of defence against cyber threats.

Key features include gamified weekly challenges, a competitive leaderboard, up-to-date content on cyber threats, customisable challenges via an intuitive Learning Management System (LMS), and compliance with ISO27001 and NIS2 regulations.


Guardey offers a 14-day free trial, allowing a risk-free evaluation. Pricing details are available on their website, ensuring transparency and a fit for your budget.

Use Cases

Whether you're in the public sector, legal, healthcare, or finance, Guardey caters to all. It’s particularly beneficial for organisations with remote teams, offering a fun, engaging way to instil a culture of cybersecurity awareness.


With Guardey, cybersecurity training transcends mundane lectures to an engaging, competitive learning environment. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with critical, up-to-date threat knowledge, empowers your team to thwart cyber threats proactively. Explore Guardey and fortify your organisation's human firewall.

Founded: 2022

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