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inFlow Inventory is a robust inventory management system providing a wide array of software features that help simplify and optimise the management of inventory, sales, and purchasing processes within your company. See Disclaimer a

The software is structured into three major categories: Inventory, Sales, and Purchasing, each packed with features tailored to streamline operations and enhance the productivity of your business. There are a wide variety of reports, integrations, and settings to help you maximise your use of the software.

Software Features:

Inventory Management:
Organise products with multi-level categories, product names, and SKUs.
Capture product photos, dimensions, weights, and serial numbers.
Generate and scan barcodes, and print product labels using DYMO printers.
Stock tracking with features like locations and sublocations, stock adjustments, transit status, and product availability.
Simplified reordering through purchase orders, stock transfers, work orders, and location-based reordering, including one-click PO generation.
Manufacturing features like order prioritisation, bill of materials, auto-build after sale, and assembly cost tracking.

Sales Management:
Quote creation, order and invoice management, back orders, and online payments.
Fulfilment features like pick lists, default picking locations, fulfilment and payment status tracking.
B2B portal creation for public and private portals, abandoned cart management, and custom domain support.
Shipping management including pick, pack, ship process, carrier cost comparison, buying and printing shipping labels, customs info entry, and partial shipments tracking.

Purchasing Management:
Purchase order creation, purchase approvals, approval limits, and multiple ship-to addresses management.
Dropshipping support, email POs and receipts, and integration with QuickBooks Online and Xero for pushing purchases.

Including Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, Squarespace and many third-party apps.

Hardware Features:

inFlow Inventory also offers a Smart Scanner, which is designed to further enhance the operational efficiency of your inventory management. The Smart Scanner is a complete solution for running your operations, allowing you to manage your entire right from the scanner in your hand.

The combination of inFlow Inventory's extensive software features and smart hardware solutions like the Smart Scanner can significantly elevate the inventory management process of your business, ensuring real-time tracking, efficient reordering, and smooth sales and purchasing operations.


Unlimited Free trial for 14 days.

Entrepreneur: $89/mth (billed annually)
2 team members
100 sales orders/mth
1 location, no sublocations
other features

Small Business: $89/mth (billed annually)
5 team members
1000 sales orders/mth
Unlimited inventory locations
other features

Mid-Size: $89/mth (billed annually)
10 team members
5000 sales orders/mth
Unlimited inventory locations
other features

Use Cases

The platform is ideal for a variety of business scenarios, including retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and e-commerce. By providing real-time inventory tracking and robust reporting features, it aids in making data-driven decisions to optimise operations and meet customer demands.


inFlow Inventory is a pragmatic choice for SMEs looking to enhance their inventory management processes. With its easy-to-use features and flexible pricing, it's a valuable asset for a wide array of business operations, aiding in efficient and informed decision-making.

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