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Peerbie: The AI-Powered Project Management Tool That Makes Teams More Productive

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Peerbie is a cloud-based platform designed to enhance team collaboration and productivity.

It's a tool that brings together all your team's tasks, projects, and communications in one place, enabling you to manage your team's work seamlessly.

Peerbie is particularly useful for project managers, team leaders, and professionals managing multiple tasks and projects.

Key features of Peerbie include the ability to manage multiple projects, create tasks, assign and follow up on tasks, and communicate with your team in real-time.

The platform also offers robust security measures to protect sensitive business data and provides comprehensive insights into your team's performance and project progress.


Peerbie offers tailor-made packages for unique teams with competitive prices. 

3 Projects
1500 Tasks
And additional features

$7/month per user (Yearly)
Everything in Free +
Unlimited Projects
3000 Tasks
And additional features

$9/month per user (Yearly)
Unlimited Tasks
Unlimited users + 5 guests
And additional features

Contact for Pricing
Everything in Pro +
And additional features

For more detailed pricing information, it's recommended to visit their website or contact them directly.

Use Cases

Peerbie is suitable for a variety of use cases. For instance, it can be used by:

Project managers looking to streamline their project management processes and improve team collaboration.

Team leaders seeking to enhance team communication and productivity.

Professionals managing multiple tasks and projects, allowing them to keep track of all tasks and projects in one place.

Businesses wanting to improve team productivity, from assigning tasks and following up on them to communicating with team members in real-time.


Peerbie is a powerful tool that enhances team collaboration and productivity. It's designed to bring together all your team's tasks, projects, and communications in one place, making it a versatile solution for project managers, team leaders, and professionals.

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