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Survey Tool to Gain Actionable Insights From Your Customers

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Qwary is a robust platform facilitating both customer and employee experience management through intuitive surveys.

The tool is laden with features like interactive video surveys, appointment scheduling, multilingual survey translations, and diverse question types. It also allows seamless integration with popular digital platforms, enhancing its utility manifold.


Qwary offers a free plan alongside three paid plans:

CX Starter - for budding customer experience professionals.
CX + PX - tailored for collaborative CX and PX professionals.
Enterprise - custom pricing for comprehensive experience management needs.

Use Cases

Customer Feedback: Collect and analyse customer feedback to identify areas of improvement.
Employee Feedback: Gauge employee satisfaction and gather insights to foster a better workplace environment.
Market Research: Utilise the tool for market research to better understand your market and customer preferences.
Event Feedback: Gather attendee feedback post-events to measure success and areas for enhancement.


Qwary is not just a survey tool but a comprehensive experience management platform. Its diverse features and seamless integrations make it a worthy investment for businesses aiming to capitalise on every piece of feedback.

Engage with Qwary and let your business thrive on actionable insights and enhanced customer and employee satisfaction.

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