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Reclaim - Intelligent Calendar Assistant for Busy Professionals

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As a busy professional, inefficient calendar management can derail your productivity and leave you constantly playing catch-up. Reclaim provides an intelligent solution to optimise your calendar and empower you to reclaim your time.

This innovative calendar assistant uses AI to understand your work patterns and priorities. It then automatically schedules meetings, blocks off focus time, and handles routine calendar tasks.

The result? Your calendar is optimised to align with your unique workflow - saving you up to 10 hours every week. Never miss an important deadline or sacrifice focus time again. Reclaim handles the scheduling busywork so you can dedicate your precious time to high-impact tasks.

With Reclaim's calendar sync feature, your existing calendar tools and new intelligent assistant work together seamlessly. Upgrade your calendar experience and reduce burnout through more efficient time management.

Use Cases

  • Schedule client calls and meetings effortlessly
  • Block off time for focused work and deep thinking
  • Reduce double bookings and calendar conflicts
  • Maintain work-life balance with automated scheduling


Lite: Free plan to start optimising your calendar.

Starter: Affordable monthly plan for busy teams to optimise meetings and focus time.

Business: Premium monthly plan for businesses prioritising productivity and work-life balance.

Enterprise: Custom monthly pricing for organisations needing robust enterprise support.

Experience the benefits of an optimised calendar for yourself. Open a free account with Reclaim and take control of your schedule today.


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