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Reditus: A Comprehensive Affiliate Management Platform for B2B SaaS Companies

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Reditus is a meticulously crafted affiliate management software designed to catalyse the growth of B2B SaaS enterprises.

With its laser-focused B2B SaaS affiliate marketplace, it provides a robust platform for businesses to expand their Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) without facing high upfront costs. The platform is engineered to understand the unique challenges and metrics crucial to B2B SaaS businesses, ensuring a seamless and fruitful affiliation process.

Reditus not only offers a platform for affiliate programme management but goes the extra mile to actively help in affiliate recruitment, ensuring that your affiliate programme scales beyond just a listing in the marketplace.


Reditus offers a competitive pricing model with a value-driven approach. The free plan allows you to set up an affiliate programme and invite affiliates without any charges until you reach $1k MRR.

For a more comprehensive solution, pricing starts from $59 per month (billed annually) and it's tailored to provide a range of features including custom tracking links, API and webhooks, Paddle & Stripe integration, live chat support for affiliates, and an affiliate programme marketplace among others.

Use Cases:

Launch and Manage Affiliate Programmes: Businesses can swiftly launch their affiliate programs, manage affiliates, and track performance all from a single dashboard.
Affiliate Recruitment: Reditus’ active affiliate recruitment service aids in expanding your affiliate base, ensuring a wider reach and higher conversions.

Marketplace Exposure: By listing in Reditus’ marketplace, businesses gain exposure to a network of B2B SaaS affiliates, opening doors to new partnerships and revenue streams.

Live Support: The live chat support facilitates quick resolution of queries, ensuring smooth operations and quick ROI.


Reditus is a great tool for B2B SaaS businesses aiming to maximise their revenue through affiliate marketing. Its dedicated marketplace, easy setup, active affiliate recruitment, and live support make it a highly appealing choice for businesses.

With Reditus, you're not just adopting a tool, but partnering with a growth catalyst that can drive your business towards sustained success and profitability.

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