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Upscale: Transforming Your Business’s Sales Engagement

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Upscale is an AI-powered sales engagement platform focused on accelerating B2B sales processes. It empowers sales teams with multi-channel outreach capabilities, including email, calls, LinkedIn, and more, all from a single workspace. The platform specialises in structuring and personalising sales outreach, incorporating AI to automate sales activities and eliminate repetitive tasks. Upscale's solutions are designed to shorten the revenue cycle, focus on account-based growth, and provide actionable insights for sales strategies.


Upscale offers flexible pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes, including a free trial for those looking to explore its features. The paid plans provide access to advanced functionalities such as custom lead scoring models, advanced data enrichment, and priority support. With transparent pricing and scalable options, is a cost-effective choice for businesses seeking to optimise their lead enrichment and data management processes.

Use Cases

  • Lead Prioritisation: Upscale's platform is ideal for businesses looking to prioritise high-quality leads, enabling them to focus their sales efforts on the most promising opportunities.
  • Data Enrichment: Businesses can use Upscale to enrich their lead and contact data, ensuring that their sales and marketing teams have access to accurate and up-to-date information to drive more informed decision-making.
  • CRM Integration: Upscale's CRM integrations enable businesses to seamlessly enrich and manage their lead data within their existing sales and marketing technology stack, ultimately driving more efficient and effective sales operations.


Upscale stands out as an innovative solution in the realm of B2B sales engagement. Its use of AI to streamline and personalise sales processes helps businesses increase efficiency and achieve better revenue outcomes. With features like multi-channel outreach, AI-driven insights, and seamless integration with existing sales stacks, Upscale is an essential tool for any business looking to enhance its sales engagement strategy.


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