Centralise, Simplify, and Excel with Whale: Your Documentation and Training Solution.


Whale: Revolutionising Your Documentation & Training Processes

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In today's fast-paced business environment, efficient knowledge management is crucial. Whale steps in as an essential tool, transforming the way businesses handle documentation and training. This platform is not just about storing information; it's about making knowledge accessible and usable, turning every team member into an expert in their domain.

Whale offers a centralised system where all your processes, policies, and procedures are easily documented, updated, and shared. This comprehensive approach eliminates silos, ensuring that your team has instant access to the information they need, when they need it. The intuitive interface makes it easy to create, manage, and distribute content, streamlining both onboarding and ongoing training. With Whale, you're not just organising information; you're building a knowledge base that grows with your company.


Whale understands the diverse needs of different businesses, which is why its pricing structure is designed to be flexible and scalable. From a free basic package suitable for smaller teams to more advanced options with more advanced training tools and integrations, Whale provides a solution that aligns with your business’s size and needs. This scalable pricing ensures that as your business evolves, Whale evolves with you, providing continued support and enhanced functionality.

Use Cases

  • Streamlining Onboarding: Accelerate the onboarding process with easy access to training materials and company policies.
  • Centralising Company Knowledge: Keep all your vital company knowledge in one accessible, easy-to-navigate location.
  • Facilitating Ongoing Training: Update and distribute new procedures and protocols seamlessly to ensure ongoing staff development.
  • Enhancing Team Collaboration: Foster collaboration by making sharing and updating information effortless and intuitive.
  • Compliance & Standardisation: Maintain consistency and compliance in processes across different teams and departments.


Whale can be a catalyst for knowledge empowerment within your organisation. It reinvents how your team interacts with information, breaking down barriers to efficient communication and learning. By centralising documentation and training, Whale ensures that your team is always equipped with the latest knowledge, allowing them to focus on what they do best. Whether you're looking to streamline onboarding, ensure consistency in processes, or foster a culture of continuous learning, Whale provides the tools to make it happen. Embrace Whale, and embark on a journey towards a more informed, efficient, and cohesive business environment.

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